Rapunzel Pantomime Cast Announced!

What a fantastic day, let me congratulate everyone on such an awesome day of auditions.

I know that for some it can be very daunting, but you held your ground and came through far better than most of you expected.

With the day starting out with quite a few new faces singing in our chorus and many older society members also joining in, we then went through the challenge of the listening to many potential auditionees for the lead characters themselves.

Once again thank you to all those involved in the character auditions, those that were not successful, do not fret as there are many smaller ensemble characters that still need to be handed out and as such will be done during the rehearsal season.

It’s with that, I’m proud to announce the line-up for RAPUNZEL 2019:


Nurse Hetty Hairspray: The Royal Nanny (DAME): Jarrod Searle

Willie Widdle: A Royal Gofer: Andrew Alderton

Rapunzel: The Girl with the Magical Hair: Rachel Alderton

Prince Gorge: A Dashing Royal: Henry Gregory

King Ralph: A Kindly Royal: Nick Kriewaldt

Queen Rose: A Kindly Royal: Elyse Searle

Ball: A comic Villain: Brendan Alderton

Socket: A Comic Villain: Peter Lang

Fairy Good: Tayla Farlie

Fairy Well: Bronte Stone

Fairy Nuff: Jasmine Hammond

Gothel the Evil Witch: Kate Hawtin

Sergeant Hawk eye: Will Kriewadlt

Welcome and congratulations to all of you on such a tremendous audition, you proved to not only me but those on the audition panel, what you are capable of and we look forward to working with you over the next few months.

Steve Prescott

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